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Inmate Records Search

Find Arrest & Court records, Mugshots and Contact Info.

The records of inmates that are held in Georgia State Prisons are kept and are updated by the Georgia Department of Corrections.

You will be able to search the department of corrections database for the information listed below:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Gender
  • Race 
  • Age
  • GDC ID  
  • Case Number

If you do not have a computer and internet handy or if you just want to be 100% sure your information is accurate you can always write the Georgia Department of Corrections Inmate Records at P.O. Box 1529, Forsyth, GA 31029. However, the Georgia Department of Corrections keeps their records up to date most of the time.

County and city jails

  • The county and city jails have their information in different databases so you will need to use the correct site to search their databases for an inmate in any of these facilities.
  • Looking for an inmate out of a Georgia city and county jails, you will need to seek out the correct authorities.

Basic Information

Department Name Georgia Department of Corrections
Official Website
Currently Incarcerated Inmates
Location 7 M L K Jr Drive, Suite 543, Atlanta, GA 30334
Phone Number 404-656-4661

How to Do an Inmate Search in Georgia

Department of Corrections Division

  • An inmate belongs to the Department of Corrections Division when an inmate is held in a state jail. The state jail has its database open to the general public to take advantage of by the Department of Corrections Division.
  • You will be able to find the Georgia Department of Corrections inmate search database on the official Georgia Department of Corrections website.

By using the information listed below you will be able to search the inmate database:  

  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Most Recent Institution
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Race

When doing a successful Georgia jail inmate search you will be able to see the information listed below:

  • Offender Full Name
  • Current Institution
  • Major Offenses

You will be able to see the information listed below when you click on the inmate’s name to bring up their own personal file:

  • Full Name
  • Birth Year
  • GDC ID
  • Case Information
  • Mugshots
  • Aliases
  • Race
  • Incarceration Details
  • Gender
  • Eye Color
  • Scars, Marks, and Tattoos
  • Height
  • Hair Color
  • Weight

Who’s in Jail

Prisons operated by the state are the only prisons that can be found in the Georgia database. City and county prisons are kept in a different database.   

There are 111 state prisons located in the state of Georgia. In the roster listed above is where you can see all of these prisons. However only state prisons are in this database, all other prisons will not be shown.

Who's in the state or county jail?

If you are trying to find someone in a state jail, it shouldn't be that difficult since the state jails are a bit bigger and offer more information on their inmates than the smaller jails such as a city or county jails. you will be able to get information in a city or state jail's, you just might have to spend more time getting information and you will need to know where to get the information you are looking for.  

Most of the county's Sheriff's department manages and operates the county jails. You will need to get a hold of the county's Sheriff's department if you are searching for someone that is in a county jail.

There really isn't a whole lot of information on the city jails. The city jails pretty much exist to hold inmates until they will be transported to a more permanent location/jail. The city's corrections division can be contacted if the person you are looking for is being held in a city jail. The city’s official website is where you will be able to find contact information where you can find out the information you are looking for.       

Jail Roster and Mugshots

  • The Georgia Department of Corrections has updates to their offender search database done often so their information is in real time most of the time. So, keep in mind that this database information changes often, even more so if the inmate is still in the process of being sentenced. The Georgia Department of Corrections updates its database during normal business hours.
  • You can always call the jail that the inmate is being held in if you would like the most recent information or if you have any questions since the jail will have the most recent information.
  • The jail in which the inmate is held in will need to be contacted if you see any information on the inmate to be wrong where information can be debated with the inmate.
  • The inmate's mugshots are kept in the database that the general public can access. The inmates have their mugshots taken when they are being processed and booked into a state jail. The only reason an inmate will need to have their mugshots taken again is if they are being taken to a different jail.   
  • The VINELink can be used to get notified if an inmate’s moving within the system. This is where the state of Georgia will need to be selected, then you will choose if you are looking for an offender or a  defendant.
  • You will get notified by email, calls or texts when you choose to get notifications on the inmate's profile. You will get notified immediately when there are any changes in the inmate's Vine account.   

Sex Offender Search

The Georgia prison inmate database does not allow you to search for sex offenders. The database for sex offenders has its own database, that the general public has access to this sex offender database.  

You will be able to find the Georgia Sex Offender Database on the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

You will need the information listed below to continue your search:

  • First/Last Name
  • Offender Type
  • Offense
  • Distance from This Address
  • County
  • Zip Code
  • Gender
  • City
  • Race
  • Street
  • Incarcerated

This database can be searched by using the name and zip code or the address information.

The offenders that are in this database are in this database are not behind bars.

You will see the information listed below when you select the offender you are looking for:  

  • Full Name
  • Charges
  • Aliases
  • Residence Verification Date
  • Gender
  • Leveling
  • Race
  • Registration Date
  • Birth Year
  • Absconder
  • Primary or Last Known Address
  • Predator
  • Height
  • Eye Color
  • Weight
  • Mugshot
  • Hair Color

Types of Correctional Facilities in Georgia

List of Correctional Facilities in Georgia

There are 165 jails and prisons in Georgia.

Showing 1 – 50 of 165 results
Correctional Facility Name Type County
Appling County Detention Center County Jail Appling County
Atkinson County Jail County Jail Atkinson County
Banks County Jail County Jail Banks County
Baker County Jail County Jail Baker County
Baldwin County Jail County Jail Baldwin County
Bacon County Jail County Jail Bacon County
Barrow County Detention Center County Jail Barrow County
Bartow County Jail County Jail Bartow County
Ben Hill County Jail County Jail Ben Hill County
Berrien County Jail County Jail Berrien County
Bibb County Jail County Jail Bibb County
Bleckley County Jail County Jail Bleckley County
Bryan County Jail County Jail Bryan County
Bulloch County Correctional Institution County Jail Bulloch County
Brooks County Jail County Jail Brooks County
Brantley County Jail County Jail Brantley County
Burke County Jail County Jail Burke County
Butts County Jail County Jail Butts County
Camden County Detention Facility County Jail Camden County
Calhoun County Jail County Jail Calhoun County
Candler County Jail County Jail Candler County
Carroll County Jail - Jack T. Bell Detention Center County Jail Carroll County
Catoosa County Jail County Jail Catoosa County
Chatham County Detention Center County Jail Chatham County
Chattooga County Jail & Detention Facility County Jail Chattooga County
Chattahoochee County Jail County Jail Chattahoochee County
Charlton County Jail County Jail Charlton County
Cherokee County Adult Detention Center County Jail Cherokee County
Clarke County Jail County Jail Clarke County
Clayton County Jail County Jail Clayton County
Clay County Jail County Jail Clay County
Clinch County Jail County Jail Clinch County
Cobb County Jail Complex County Jail Cobb County
Coffee County Jail County Jail Coffee County
Cobb County Work Release County Jail Cobb County
Cook County Jail County Jail Cook County
Coweta County Sheriff's Detention County Jail Coweta County
Crawford County Detention Center County Jail Crawford County
Columbia County Detention Center County Jail Columbia County
Dade County Jail County Jail Dade County
Crisp County Jail County Jail Crisp County
Dawson County Detention Center County Jail Dawson County
Decatur County Jail County Jail Decatur County
Dekalb County Jail County Jail Dekalb County
Dodge County Jail County Jail Dodge County
Dooly County Jail County Jail Dooly County
Dougherty County Jail County Jail Dougherty County
Early County Jail County Jail Early County
Echols County Jail County Jail Echols County
Douglas County Adult Detention Center County Jail Douglas County
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