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All of the records of inmates serving their sentence in Alabama state prisons are held in the Alabama Department of Corrections. The only information that the department of corrections has on their online database is on current inmates being held in a state prison. Make sure you have the inmate's Alabama Institutional Serial, which is also known as AIS available when successfully doing an inmate search.

County and city jails keep their inmate records separate which is different than Alabama's database. You will be able to go to their databases for more information on how to search for an inmate in a county or city jail.

Basic Information

Department Name Alabama Department of Corrections
Official Website
Currently Incarcerated Inmates
Location 301 S. Ripley Street, P.O. Box 301501, Montgomery, AL
Phone Number 334-353-3883

How to Do an Inmate Search in Alabama

Inmates are the property of the Department of Corrections Division when they are held in a state prison. All of the state’s Department of Corrections Division has its own jail roster or database that is available to the general public.

You can find the Alabama Department of Corrections database on the official Alabama Department of Corrections website.

By using the inmate's personal identifying information listed below you will be able to search the database:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • AIS Number

During all searches, the Alabama Institutional Serial Number or AIS will take precedence. The AIS is a six-digit number that all incoming inmates are assigned to their AIS by the Alabama Department of Corrections. Using this number is the best way to locate an inmate because it is quick and easy. 

You will not need to enter the inmate's last and first name if you have the inmate's AIS number and enter it in the field provided. If there aren't any results that come up, make sure you have entered the correct AIS number. The number will need to be correct for an inmate's name to show up. 

You can always search rot an inmate by entering the inmate's first and last name if you aren't getting anywhere with the AIS number you entered or if you don't have the AIS number. 

You will see a list of all the inmates that match the criteria you entered.

The information listed below will be shown:

  • Release Date
  • Inmate's Full Name
  • Code
  • Race
  • Institution
  • Sex
  • Date Of Dirth
  • AIS Number

By selecting the inmate’s name you will be able to bring up their own personal file. By doing this, you will be able to see the inmate's personal identifying information listed below:

  • Inmate Full Name
  • Charges
  • Custody
  • Race
  • Sex
  • Eye Color
  • Hair Color
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Sentences
  • Aliases
  • Birth Year
  • Institution
  • AIS Number
  • Scars, Marks, and Tattoos

Who’s in Jail

State-operated prisons are the only prisons you will be able to locate in the Alabama Inmate Database. This database does not contain any city and county jails at all.

Searching for an inmate who is in jail in city and county jails will is far more difficult than trying to search for someone that is in jail in a state or a federal prison.  These smaller jails have much less information to offer. Most of the city jails do not even offer an inmate database to the general public to take advantage of, but you are still able to find an inmate in one of these prisons. You will only be able to locate an inmate if you know who to ask. 

The County’s Sheriff’s DepartmentIf you think the person you are looking for is being held in a county jail, you will need to reach out to the county sheriff's department. 

There really isn't a whole lot of information on most of the city jails. Inmates are normally held in city jails for a short period of time before they are transported to a 'permanent' jail. You should call the cities corrections division if you think the person you are looking for is being held in a city jail. On the cities official website, you will be able to locate all of the department's information. 

Jail Roster and Mugshots

Every mugshot is uploaded in the Alabama Department of Corrections Jail database. When an inmate is booked and processed into a state prison, this is normally when the inmate's pictures are taken for their mugshots.

During normal business hours, the Alabama Department of Corrections roster is frequently updated.

All information regarding the inmate is normally accurate in the Alabama Department of Corrections offender search roster. However, this information can be changed at any time so this information should be used for informative purposes only.
The Alabama Department of Corrections and the Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles are not associated with one another. They are two separate agencies. The Alabama Department of Corrections is nor responsible to set or schedule for an inmate’s parole hearings.

You can just head on over to the Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles if you are looking for an inmate’s pardon or parole hearing. Their scheduling database can be found here.

Sex Offender Search

In the Alabama inmate roster, you will not be able to search for sex offenders. There is a separate database to search for sex offenders.  This database is open to the general public just as the ADOC inmate database is.  

You will be able to find the sex offender database on the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency official website.

By the information listed below, you will be able to successfully search for an inmate:    

  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Address
  • County
  • City
  • Zip Code

This database can be searched by either the Name zip code or the address fields.

This offender database is only for offenders that are NOT held in a state prison. These sex offenders are out in the public living on their own in the community.

You will be able to see the information listed below when doing a successful offender search:

  • Name
  • Race
  • Gender 
  • Address

You will find their own personal profile when you select the offender's name, containing the information listed below:

  • Full Name
  • Physical Address
  • Address Last Verified
  • Address is Temporary
  • Address Last Verified
  • Current Age
  • Release Date
  • Date of Birth
  • Scars, Marks, & Tattoos
  • Sex
  • Race
  • Description
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Hair Color
  • Eye Color
  • Status
  • Registration Date
  • Vehicle Information
  • Victim Information
  • Date of Arrest
  • Work Information
  • Schools Attending
  • Date of Conviction
  • Crime Country
  • Crime Location
  • Sex Crime
  • UCR Code
  • Aliases
  • Work Information

You will need to contact the local law enforcement agency of the offender if you have any questions or need additional information about the offender that is in this database.

Types of Correctional Facilities in Alabama

List of Correctional Facilities in Alabama

There are 83 jails and prisons in Alabama.

Showing 1 – 50 of 83 results
Correctional Facility Name Type County
Autauga County Metro Jail County Jail Autauga County
Barbour County Jail County Jail Barbour County
Baldwin County Corrections Center County Jail Baldwin County
Baldwin County Juvenile Detention Center County Jail Baldwin County
Bibb County Jail County Jail Bibb County
Blount County Corrections Department County Jail Blount County
Bullock County Jail County Jail Bullock County
Chambers County Detention Facility County Jail Chambers County
Butler County Correctional Facility County Jail Butler County
Calhoun County Jail County Jail Calhoun County
Cherokee County Detention Center County Jail Cherokee County
Chilton County Department of Corrections County Jail Chilton County
Clarke County Jail County Jail Clarke County
Choctaw County Jail County Jail Choctaw County
Clay County Jail County Jail Clay County
Cleburne County Jail County Jail Cleburne County
Coffee County Jail County Jail Coffee County
Coosa County Jail County Jail Coosa County
Colbert County Jail County Jail Colbert County
Conecuh County Jail County Jail Conecuh County
Cullman County Detention Center County Jail Cullman County
Covington County Jail County Jail Covington County
Crenshaw County Jail County Jail Crenshaw County
Cullman County Juvenile Detention Center County Jail Cullman County
Dale County Jail County Jail Dale County
Dallas County Jail County Jail Dallas County
DeKalb County Detention Center County Jail DeKalb County
Escambia County Jail County Jail Escambia County
Elmore County Jail County Jail Elmore County
Etowah County Detention Center County Jail Etowah County
Fayette County Jail County Jail Fayette County
Geneva County Jail County Jail Geneva County
Franklin County Jail County Jail Franklin County
Hale County Jail County Jail Hale County
Greene County Jail County Jail Greene County
Henry County Jail County Jail Henry County
Houston County Jail County Jail Houston County
Neaves-Davis Juvenile Center County Jail Madison County
Jackson County Jail County Jail Jackson County
Jefferson County Jail Bessemer AL County Jail Jefferson County
Jefferson County Jail Birmingham AL County Jail Jefferson County
G. Ross Bell Youth Detention Center County Jail Jefferson County
Lamar County Jail County Jail Lamar County
Lawrence County Jail County Jail Lawrence County
Lauderdale County Jail County Jail Lauderdale County
Lee County Detention Facility County Jail Lee County
Limestone County Detention Facility County Jail Limestone County
Lowndes County Jail County Jail Lowndes County
Macon County Jail County Jail Macon County
Madison County Annex Detention Facility County Jail Madison County
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